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Cara malt

The Journey of Malt – Caramelising

While the previous steps – which you can find below – were pretty straight forward, there are different ways to move forward after kilning. If you want to create base malt, you can actually stop here. The process is done. But as a malt house that loves Specialty Malts, there are some additional steps you can do. […]

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The journey of malt – Kilning

When the germination is finished – or rather, when we want it to be finished – the malt will be kilned. Since last year, we have a brand-new kiln (a specialized oven) that enables us to produce higher quantities without losing any quality. To understand kilning we need to go back a step, because it […]

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The Journey of Malt – Germination

After the steeping process we saw last month, it’s time to bring the malt to life. Quite literally, because the next step of the Journey of Malt is germination. In short, germination is the natural process of a grain that starts to grow. In the malt house we reproduce these effects in a closed environment. Here […]

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The Journey of Malt – Steeping

Last time, we saw how important farmers are for The Swaen. It all starts with the right grain. Now we will take a look at the next chapter in malting – steeping. First, we need to allow the grain to rest. It will be stored and dried for a few weeks. We also make sure the […]

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Crushing Malt

How to mill your malt

As a brewer you should already know that grains must be crushed to have access to the starch and produce fermentable sugars during the mash. Crushing malt for your homebrew will make your life easier, since you don’t have to visit your homebrew shop each time. As you can buy the malt in bulk and […]

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The Journey of Malt – Farming

The best malt starts with the best grain. Barley, wheat, rye and any other varieties are the building blocks of any beer. To turn a humble kernel into liquid gold is quite a process, but it all starts with the art of farming. Since 2001 our malt house in Kloosterzande connects with local top growers in Zeelandic Flanders. The aim […]

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