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The Journey of Malt – Farming

The best malt starts with the best grain. Barley, wheat, rye and any other varieties are the building blocks of any beer. To turn a humble kernel into liquid gold is quite a process, but it all starts with the art of farming. Since 2001 our malt house in Kloosterzande connects with local top growers in Zeelandic Flanders. The aim […]

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Rye in a field

Rye malt

Rye, scientifically known as secale cereale, is a type of grain that has been used for centuries in baking, cooking, and even brewing. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at rye in brewing, and explore some of the unique flavours and characteristics it can bring to beer. Rye has been cultivated for […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day

What was once a local custom, has grown to become a global phenomenon. We are talking about Saint Patrick’s Day, one of the biggest beer related festivities in the world. Saint Patrick’s Day started in the fifth century as a religious memorial of Ireland’s most recognized patron saint. But even then, beer was a big […]

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The History of Wheat

The history of Wheat Beer

Most beer lovers know what wheat brings to your beer: a somewhat creamy – sometimes even wee – taste with a subtle sour edge. Although barley is now the dominant brewing grain, this was not always the case. The history of wheat beers is in fact the history of beer itself. Through Sumerian records we […]

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Christmas Beer

Christmas beer… The name alone reminds one of warming, herbal flavours. Yet Christmas beer is far from a defined style. The recipes are simply too diverse. And there is a reason for that! The spirit of Christmas Past At the end of the nineteenth century, Christmas beer didn’t exist. At that time – believe it […]

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Nearly forgotten: Kuit (Koyt)

Since the rise of craft brewing, a lot of historical, nearly forgotten beer styles have been resurrected from oblivion. Today, we will take a look at our “own” Kuit, also known as Koyt, Kuyt, Koite or Dutch Kuit. In the thirteenth century, beers were very different from what we drink now. It was a very […]

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