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There may appear to be only two main ingredients used to craft The Swaen Malts: the very best barley and the purest water. Yet there is also a secret ingredient; the talent of our people. Creating a great malt is a careful, skilled process and here in the heart of Sealand Flanders, we have developed the skills and traditions of roasting & malting to create the finest malts.

Jos Haeck – Master brewer & Maltster


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Our Malt Products

beer, brewers, malt for brewers, malt tastes, malt varieties, brewers delight


For more than a century our Malthouse has been producing premium quality malt for all types of beer, from pale lagers through to dark ales, bitters and stouts. Our exceptionally high quality raw materials, technologically advanced facility, and long-held traditional expertise make our malts highly desirable.

Since 1906 The Swaen has been investing in the latest techniques and production methodologies. We now have one of the most modern and advanced facilities in the industry, from storage, through to steeping, germination, kilning and roasting, ensuring consistently high quality malts for your beers.

beer, brewers, malt for brewers, malt tastes, malt varieties, brewers delight


With more than a century’s experience, we are the ideal partners to the malt milling industry, providing a professional grain selection, germination, kilning and roasting service to deliver the best malts for third-party milling.

At The Swaen we are experts in sourcing the best quality barley, wheat and rye. Using our bespoke, advanced germination/ and kilning and probably the most environmentally sensitive roasting system, we are able to offer the very finest quality malt for the milling industry.

beer, brewers, malt for brewers, malt tastes, malt varieties, brewers delight


Malt is a fundamental ingredient in many foods, essential for a satisfying taste and texture. Yet to achieve the best results you need to use a high quality malt.

Our range includes malts for applications within the food industry. The Swaen is an established supplier to food manufacturers, creating and developing specialist malts that meet the specific needs of the industry.

beer, brewers, malt for brewers, malt tastes, malt varieties, brewers delight


We share a passion for brewing, and to be able to provide you with the best service, we have expanded our product range so that you can order multiple brewing supplies at once through our partner Birdys.

Click here to order your supplies whenever you want and at the time that best suits you.

How we work - the swaen video

The Swaen - Our story


'De Zwaan' is born.

Jos Buysrogge & Alois Adriaanse found their malting & brewery business, despite the devastating floods.


The original malting & brewery business is sold to Joos Menu who renames the Manor house to ‘Mouternest’.


The brewery suffers a major setback when during wartime occupation the copper ‘brewkettles’ are removed.


After the war, the brewery business is closed. Malting now becomes the family’s core activity.


Malting business grows and production increases to supply the growing local and export demand.


Facilities and infrastructure continue to be upgraded and improved including construction of a new silos.


Malt capacity increases to 15.000 MT per annum and the business becomes a leading Dutch commercial Maltster.


Malting capability is further enhanced with the development of a new, more advanced Steeping House.


New Malthouse constructed, allowing further expansion of the export business. A peating installation has been installed.


Royal Grolsch join the management team, enhancing industry expertise and driving new commercial developments.


The de Groen family acquire the Malthouse in joint venture, uniting world-leading tradition and expertise.


The SWAEN is reborn. This world-class malting business has a new identity, reflecting its renewed vision for the future.


Unique and modern malting technology has been installed: germination system, environmental friendly roasting technology, new bagging line


With Max (CEO), Sheila (Finance Manager), Oliver (Plant Manager) & Dietrich (Project Manager) a new management team takes over