The difference between Ale and Dutch Pale Ale

We often get the question what the difference between Swaen© Ale and the new Swaen© Dutch Pale Ale is. The quick answer would be the origin, but there is more to it than that.

First, let us take a look at the similarities. Both are used to correct bleached malt, to produce a full golden beer. These malts are modified normally, instead of being overmodified. They are not just darker base malts, but a unique part of your unique recipes.

What makes the Dutch Pale Ale unique is that it is made from 100% Dutch barley. To achieve this, we closely work together with local top growers. This way, we can trace the quality in every production stage. These factors guarantee the availability of high quality malting barley.

The aim of this cooperation is the sustainable improvement of the barley crop and the building of the correct chain structure. Currently 30-40 farmers are growing for The Swaen.

Our Dutch Pale Ale malt makes excellent Pale Ale styles and bitter beers, as well as most traditional English beer styles and strong export beers.