With more than a century’s experience, we are the ideal partners to the malt milling industry, providing a professional grain selection, germination, kilning and roasting service to deliver the best malts for third-party milling.
At The Swaen we are experts in sourcing the best quality barley, wheat and rye. Using our bespoke, advanced germination/ and kilning and probably the most environmentally sensitive roasting system, we are able to offer the very finest quality malt for the milling industry.

The malt is prepared, packaged and maintained in optimum conditions for later milling, assuring you of the best results for your specific applications.
We operate our own shipping dock, so we can easily arrange for the distribution of large scale deliveries of malt for the milling sector.
In fact, we aim to be highly responsive to our clients’ requirements, and will work to create malts that meet your exacting milling needs.

“So please do get in touch with us, let us know exactly what you need,
and we will work to create the malts required.”

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At The Swaen, we understand this. That’s why our range of malts can be customised for each client, whether a commercial miller; a beverage manufacturer; food producer; or maker of animal feeds. Whatever your specialist sector, we have the experience to prepare and deliver the ideal quality malt.

Let us create your quality malt.

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