The Swaen On The Road – Spain

In Spain, The Swaen is doing very well. Our distributor, Cervezania knows how to promote our brand in their own way. And they do it very well! The craft brewer market is growing significantly. From small to big craft breweries, you can find them everywhere.

Together with Fran and Pedro from Cervezania we went on a road trip to visit some craft breweries. We kicked off with a visit to Cervezas Río Azul in Sevilla. With a perfect industrial atmosphere, the setting of this brewery is great. They only use Swaen Malt for their special beers. This was a great first visit. On tot he next one: Cervecera Península in Madrid. Peninsula is brewing a special beer for the ‘Granada Beer Festival’ with only using Swaen Malt. The malt is sponsored by Cervezania, thank you!

What a great location and lovely beers. We hope we will have time to taste the beer at the festial :-).
And last but not least, Cerveza Dawat in Cuenca. What a beautifull town! Dawat is a great brewery that is exclusively distributed by Cervezanía. The production is for 75% destined for the United States and China.

We ended the trip with an extensive lunch and some beers in Cuenca.

We have had 3 amazing days with lots of beers and talks.

With special thanks to all breweries and Cervezania. It was great!

– Cheers,
Jillis & Csaba