The Journey of Malt – Roasting

Last time, we have looked the caramelization of malt, for a sweeter taste and golden colour. You can also roast your kilned malt, with a totally different outcome. But why would you roast malt? Producers of Porters and Stouts will truly value the powerful colours, aromas and flavours, but it can even be used when baking bread.

Roasted malt always has to be used in conjunction with other malts to create a well-rounded and balanced final product.

Black Swaen malt will give your beer biscuity, bready and – of course – roasty flavours. But chocolate, coffee, toffee and nutty notes can also be found in some varieties.

Colours range biscuity brown to pitch black. Everything depends on the duration and temperature of the roasting process.

That was the why, now we will have a look at the how. That’s where our impressive state-of-the-art drum roaster comes in. Designed specifically for The Swaen, this 4 ton machine is still the largest in the business.

Cereals or finished malts are heated at high temperatures (max 235°C). The roaster provides a perfect temperature control and even temperature distribution, ensuring a homogenous malt.