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Brewers looking for consistency and yield in South America

The development of the craft industry in South America is simply stunning. Maybe the statement is little to general, but not for Chili, Argentina and Brazil. Argentina for example, is finally having access to imported raw materials. unheard of. There is craft brewing everywhere. The Swaen is available in Argentina for only short period of time now. Our partner IMP distribution, based in La Plata, is covering whole Argentina. The growth of IMP the last 2 years is in relation to the growth in the craft brew scene and very impressive. In Argentina, craft breweries are having difficulties to finance their growth and better financial conditions are needed by the financial industry for the smaller microbreweries to grow to significant craft breweries. Moreover, the craft brewers today, of many which have installations 1-10 hl execute 2-4 brews per day to keep up with the demand. Outlets for the beers are not the issue, output is. Most feedback by brewers is that The Swaen malts will enable them to have stable, homogenous output and good yields.

In Chili, The Swaen is doing very well. Our partner Casa Trinidad is promoting the brand very well. There is still a difference in price between local malts and imported malts, but brewers enjoy the fact they can produce more beer with the same capacity.

The South in Brazil is very developed in terms of craft beer. The middle is developed and the North undeveloped. We have a new partner, Bahia Malte in Salvador and we visited 6 breweries who were being build! Bahia Malte is the first distribution company in the North and local brewers see the benefit of having suppliers close by, facilitating sufficient stock for them not to worry about the supplies.

All in all, the craft beer revolution continues. When you are part of the industry, craft is main word in your vocabulary. We believe craft will be an important word in most people their vocabulary when the revolution will progress.