Trip to the USA

Purpose of the trip was technical-commercial supportto our distributor L.D. Carlson during the CraftBrewer Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Prior to the Conference several visits to local craft brewers were organised. Three areas have been visited: Washington DC – Baltimore (MA), Ceveland (OH) and Columbus (OH). In each of the city’s a full evening was organised by LD Carlson for presenting The Swaen and to discuss quality, malt solutions for brewing problems and of course combination taste/flavour and malt type. Each event was held in a different craft brewery and was attended by craft brewers and owners of “one floor brewing materials shops” . In between 10-15 breweries have been visited, beers and malt been discussed and tasted…

Some of the breweries visited were: Crooked Run brewery, followed by The Farm, True Respite, 3 Stars and many others. The Nashville CBC was very successful. A lot of brewers visiting our booth were very interested in the portfolio of The Swaen. Existing customers were pleased to meet us in real life and took the opportunity to talk about our products. The comments were all very positive. After 9 days of travelling we took the last evening free to visit Broadway in Nashville with the fantastic music in almost every bar and restaurant.