Selling beer during the corona crisis

Corona. It seems to be the only topic of discussion at the moment. No European country will be immune to the economic impacts of the pandemic, and in particular bars and restaurants are among the hardest hit. Naturally, the brewing industry suffers along with them and the outbreak has, according to AB InBev, brought a notable drop in demand in both hospitality AND home consumption segments.

Amidst the daily flow of sobering statistical updates, there are, however, some inspiring examples of ingenuity & initiative from both large and small breweries (and indeed other industries) exploring alternative means of mitigating disruptions to sales: Vouchers, subscriptions, crowdfunding and discount campaigns, takeaway, drive-through, basic online shops, ‘pub in a box’ and ‘1.5-meter beer’ packages…the list goes on.

At The Baby Goat, our approach has been our own home delivery service, with orders collected via a WhatsApp integration on our website. If everyone has already stocked up on toilet paper, paracetamol and pasta, we thought it logical to offer another ‘home essential’: beer!

Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of the service has been the response of our customers. We appreciate each order and recognise the gesture of support that comes with it. In turn, we donate €1 per 6-pack to the local hospital and there are, we hope, lessons in social good that can be carried forward long after the crisis.

What started as a two-day-a-week schedule has progressed to daily delivery. Of course, it’s hugely in our favour that everyone is now almost constantly at home – we’ve not yet experienced a closed door – but why not use that to our advantage?

Our initial motivation was simply ensuring that Baby Goat fans in Hamburg could continue to experience our beer whilst confined to the comfort of their own homes, but the opportunity to connect with people at a difficult time and, hopefully, deliver a small amount of happiness with each 6-pack has been very fulfilling and means we will certainly continue the initiative in future.

To everyone reading this, don’t forget to continue your support of local businesses and essential services during the coronavirus pandemic. Every small gesture goes a long way.

Lots of love and stay healthy,

The Baby Goat