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Trip to the USA

Purpose of the trip was technical-commercial supportto our distributor L.D. Carlson during the CraftBrewer Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to the Conference several visits to local craft brewers were organised. Three areas have been visited: Washington DC – Baltimore (MA), Ceveland (OH) and Columbus (OH). In each of the city’s a full evening was organised […]

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Mucha cerveza en España

Our partner, Cervezania, who was introduced at the previous newsletter, invited us to the South of Spain. We have visited many craft brewers together in Sevilla, Valencia, Cordoba, Toledo and the beer festival of Granada. Our partner Cervezania is growing significantly in Spain and thus, our reputation. Many brewers are very pleased with the malts they receive […]

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Sour is the new IPA?

In the past years these kind of beers gained popularity among beer geeks indeed, while others say it is just like a spoiled beer. Well, we have to admit that the acidic taste often refers to a mistake in the product. In fact, until the end of the 19th century sour beers were more widely […]

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Why is the craft beer industry moving to canned beer?

For hundreds of years, beer is mostly sold in bottles. More and more brewers are making the switch to aluminium and steel cans. The brewers claim the original taste is better preserved. In the past mostly pilsner was sold in cans, but in the last couple of years a lot of different craft beers sold […]

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Selling beer during the corona crisis

Corona. It seems to be the only topic of discussion at the moment. No European country will be immune to the economic impacts of the pandemic, and in particular bars and restaurants are among the hardest hit. Naturally, the brewing industry suffers along with them and the outbreak has, according to AB InBev, brought a […]

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