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Cara Malts

Caramel Malts

Historically, caramel malts were produced from green malt in a kiln covered with a tarpaulin. The tarpaulin reduced evaporation as the kiln was heated to perhaps 60°C to 75°C and kept at that temperature for up to 2 hours needed for saccharification of the starch in the endosperm. To dry and caramelize the grain, the […]

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Recipe of the month – Kuyt

Earlier this month we shared an article on our blog about Swaen Dutch Pale Ale malt. This variety is a real Dutch product, made 100% from local barley, so this time we brought you an original and traditional Dutch beer recipe. Although the beer consumption in the Netherlands was mainly influenced by Belgian brewers, there […]

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Beer Geeks Beat ALS Advent Calendar

Beer Geeks Beat ALS Advent Calendar 2021

The Swaen is a proud sponsor of the Beer Geeks Beat ALS Advent Calendar of 2021. In this calendar you will find 24 delicious, unique beers. These are often brewed especially for this event. To support Stichting ALS Nederland (The Dutch ALS Foundation) even better, this year you can win prizes. Every day the corresponding […]

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Barley Dutch Pale Ale

Barley – Dutch Pale Ale

The Netherlands is a country “low by the sea” and has during centuries fought against, trade partner and enemy: the sea. Many inundations with salty water have flogged the country. As a result of that the Dutch have always been looking for possibilities to win land from the sea and protect people and agriculture. The […]

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Dutch Pale Ale

The difference between Ale and Dutch Pale Ale

We often get the question what the difference between Swaen© Ale and the new Swaen© Dutch Pale Ale is. The quick answer would be the origin, but there is more to it than that. First, let us take a look at the similarities. Both are used to correct bleached malt, to produce a full golden […]

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Recipe of the Month – Irish Stout

The expression Stout was first mentioned in the late 1600’s as synonym of strong beers, having fuller body and strength. “Stout Ales” as well as “Stout Porters” existed back then. Later the name Stout has got closer to dark Porters, and in the 18th century it was widely used referring to the stronger version of […]

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