Malt is a fundamental ingredient in many foods, essential for a satisfying taste and texture. Yet to achieve the best results you need to use a high quality malt.

Our range includes malts for applications within the food industry. The Swaen is an established supplier to food manufacturers, creating and developing specialist malts that meet the specific needs of the industry.

As such, at The Swaen we make a wide range of high quality, healthy malt products that add natural textures, colours and flavours to foods & beverages.

Our malts are ideally suited to wholesome foods such as cereals, muesli, breads, and baked goods, as well as non-alcoholic beers, soft drinks and malted beverages, manufactured for discerning clients that demand great taste.

We can tailor our diverse selection to meet your exacting needs and deliver with all necessary extract, flour, whole grain, organic, and bio labelling

We aim to be highly responsive to our clients’ requirements, and will work to create malts that meet your exacting needs.

“So please do get in touch with us, let us know exactly what you need,
and we will work to create the malts required.”