Pure Cara

Our speciality caramel malts are made from the finest barley and roasted with the greatest care. They provide complex flavours from slight caramel sweetness to soft toffee notes. Our unique roasting process give a fuller body and mouthfeel, and better foam stability, so you can brew the best beer.


GoldSwaen©Aroma intensifies the beer’s body and its smoothness, promotes head formation and retention. Caramel malts are produced in several colour stages. They make a considerable contribution to the palate fullness and body, intensification of the malt aroma, the full taste and colour and better head retention.
By the special production procedure GoldSwaen©Aroma has a dark-reddish shine and a typical aroma which serves to intensify and stabilise the flavour. Provides a rich malty aroma and flavour to Amber and dark Lager beers. Compared to other traditional coloured malts, GoldSwaen© Aroma is a real spice for your beer.


Gives fuller body, mild notes of nuts, caramel, and fruits. Improved malt aroma, deep saturated red colour.